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I was just diagnosed with HSV 1 on the genitals. I had HSV 1 for over twenty years and have had no outbreaks for 10 years since I started taking the anti+ viral medication. First, will my oubreaks be more common like the oral ones were initially and then become dormant? Also, besides condoms what are some other safe practices besides abstinence during an active outbreak?

  • I also have HPV which is under control. Both skin to skin infections. I would really love to talk to a professional who deals w these particular STDs. I have great medical professionals but their information goes so far. Lastly, the Acyclovir cream is so thick and hard to spread over active sores. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Aug 31, 2018
  • Posted on Sep 03, 2018

    STDcounselor PREMIUM

    Over a course of time the body typically weakens the herpes virus. If you had HSV-1 for over twenty years the chances of the virus is weak and will no... For detail, click here

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